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Keeping Your Dog Fit

Keeping Your Dog Fit

March 15, 2024

Is your canine companion an animated, bouncy ball of fur? Or do you have a four-legged, barking couch potato? Regardless of whatever category Fido falls into, he will require frequent exercise to stay healthy. Of course, doggy exercise routines can differ tremendously. A local Cedar City, UT veterinarian provides some advice on this below. How Do I Know If My Dog Is Getting Enough Exercise? Fido’s weight and physical condition are two good indicators of … Read More »

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Taking Your Cat To The Vet

December 15, 2019

Cats are very independent pets, which is one reason they’re so popular. However, Fluffy does need proper veterinary care in order to truly thrive. Healthy pets are happy pets! Read on as a Southern Utah vet discusses taking your feline friend to her doctor. Appointments When your furry pal is a kitten, she’ll need to come in a few times, for her initial vaccines and exams, as well as microchipping and spay/neuter surgery. Parasite control … Read More »

Choosing Bunny Toys

December 01, 2019

Do you have a pet rabbit? Toys are very important for your bunny’s mental and physical health. They keep Floppy active and entertained, and also help keep her teeth healthy. While store-bought toys are great, you can also make your furry pal’s playthings. Here, a Cedar City, UT vet lists some simple toys you can make your rabbit. Cardboard Many cardboard items make great bunny toys. You can do quite a lot with the tubes … Read More »

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