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Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day

January 15, 2020

There’s a pretty adorable kitty holiday coming up. January 22nd  is Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day! Our feline friends are known for being super curious, if not downright nosy. If your furball could voice her most pressing questions, what do you think she would want to know about? A local Cedar City, UT vet offers some ‘pawsibile’ options in this article.

What Are You Doing In There?

Kitties get very attached to their humans, and like to keep a close eye on us. Your furry little friend may follow you around, and may even try to accompany you to the bathroom. If you shut Fluffy out of a room you’re in, she may meow, scratch, or paw at the door.

What Is That Red Dot?

Our feline buddies are super cute when they are chasing after that elusive red dot. Fluffy may never figure out her mysterious prey, but she will definitely have fun trying!

Why Is There A Monster In The Closet?

The vacuum cleaner is a great weapon in the ongoing war against kitty fur, dander, and fleas. However, as far as Fluffy is concerned, it’s an evil robot that is trying to kill her.

Why Do You Keep Letting The Dog Back In?

Although cats and dogs can become close buddies, they are very different, and can really perplex each other. Fido won’t use a litterbox, doesn’t clean himself, enjoys car rides, and actually does what he’s told. This just makes no sense to Fluffy!

What’s In There?

Anytime you open a box, cupboard, closet, or suitcase, there’s a good chance that your frisky feline will immediately want to investigate it. Fluffy may suspect that you’re hiding catnip from her!

Why Can’t I Play With That?

Cats have an almost unbelievable capacity for getting into mischief. They also tend to practice their hunting skills on things that are not toys. Sooner or later, you’ll find your frisky furball playing with something that really isn’t safe for her.

Why Are You Laughing At Me?

Kitties are very fun and entertaining pets, who keep us smiling with their adorable antics. They somehow manage to be the most amusing when they are being serious, which only makes them more endearing.

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