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Keeping A Senior Dog Comfortable

November 01, 2019

Have you noticed your dog slowing down lately? Is Fido more interested in napping than in playing Fetch or chasing squirrels? Just like people, dogs go through some changes as they age. Your pet will always be the same cute, lovable pup as always, but his care needs will change a bit. In this article, a Cedar City, UT vet offers a few helpful tips on keeping an older pooch comfortable.


Make sure that your canine pal can sleep comfortably at night. Orthopedic beds are a great choice for dogs in their golden years.

Nail Trims

Overgrown nails may not sound too serious, but they can actually be very problematic. They can easily snag and tear on things, which can be pretty painful. They also make it harder for Fido to gain traction on slippery ground. Plus, they’re quite uncomfortable. Your dog may shift his weight or adjust his stride, which can strain his bones and joints.

Veterinary Care

Proper veterinary care is important for all of our canine buddies, but it’s especially crucial to senior dogs. As Fido ages, he’ll be at increased risk of developing specific health issues, such as arthritis, hip dysplasia, and diabetes, to name a few. Regular appointments allow your vet to stay on top of any changes, and greatly increase the chances of any medical problems being diagnosed early.

Proper Activity

Fido won’t be as playful as he once was, but he’ll still need regular exercise. You may find you enjoy taking relaxing strolls with your faithful pet!

Dental Care

Dental problems are extremely common in older dogs. Have Fido’s teeth checked regularly, and keep up with his home care as well.

Fur Care

Brushing and bathing your pooch is very important. Matted, dirty fur can make dogs miserably itchy! Also, be sure to keep up with Fido’s parasite control products.


Senior pets are much more sensitive to weather extremes than younger dogs. Limit your furry buddy’s outdoor time when it’s really hot or cold.

Pet Ramps

Fido may have trouble climbing stairs, getting in and out of cars, or jumping on and off beds. Pet ramps will make these things easier for him. Your pooch may also find it easier to eat from elevated dishes.

Please contact us, your Cedar City, UT vet clinic, for your senior dog’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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